Surf Barton Lynch Shares How Surfing has Been His Tool for … –

Photo: Barton Lynch/Instagram

The Inertia

In this podcast, we sit down with former World Champ Barton Lynch and explore what makes him tick. How did he achieve greatness in and out surfing? And where has it all led him today?

Barton’s wit and humor shine through every story, every sentence, and laugh. It’s truly contagious and inspiring, and it’s no wonder he’s now coaching youngsters and champions to higher levels. On The Comensense Podcast, we not only like to hear about victories and triumphs, but of low times, losses, and personal challenges. The sum of all our experiences make us who we are today and create the potential for who we can be tomorrow. The common bond we all share is a love of riding waves, and the intent of the podcast is to deepen our relationships as a tribe from every corner of the globe. Barton’s story is no exception.

Editor’s Note: You can find more from the Comensense Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and with your favorite champ, musician, environmentalist, or photojournalist.  


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