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If you are someone that enjoys to live different experiences and you would like to learn new meditation techniques, this new method created in the united states, without doubt you will love it. When we’ve thought we’ve seen everything about this ancient practice comes the fashion of yoga with goats.

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Believe it or not, these particular classes have emerged in a farm in Oregon, and due to that Lainey Morse, driving the Goat Yogaensures that you have great benefits. The technique is simple, since they are the postures of classical yoga with the exception of having offspring of a goat climbed in the back, as if they were having fun in a mt.

Practica yoga con crías de cabra, la última tendencia en meditación [FOTOS Y VIDEO]

The main benefit of the asana practice with this animal is to interact with him and pet him to feel well-being, reduce loneliness, release serotonin and to have a distraction that generates happiness. To this must be added the known benefits of yoga, such as focusing on breathing to stop the anxiety, release stress, improve cardiovascular health, and performing physical activity to stay active.

Practica yoga con crías de cabra, la última tendencia en meditación [FOTOS Y VIDEO]

We don’t know yet if it will give good results, but the system is creating a frenzy in the city and promises to be fun. This is not the first experience of this kind, as strange as that may seem. In Ritchmond,Canada, came to yoga with rabbits a year ago and has achieved great popularity.

Practica yoga con crías de cabra, la última tendencia en meditación [FOTOS Y VIDEO]

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So now you know Wapa, practice yoga while you pet a pet apparently would bring many more benefits to this discipline. Would you like to be dictated to by this type of classes in our country?


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