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Came to this house of Palermo on running, as I come always to all sides. I walk through a sort of gallery and I go to a salon, where the climate demands you get off for a change. I invite you to sit in the chairs in a living room, and wait for my instructor.Aprender a meditar: el desafío de poner la mente en blancoStudent and instructor, in the center of Natural Life (Silvana Boemo) MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN MEDITATION MUSIC

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August 18, 2017


Dione Anguiano said that the activity will be held tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:00 hours on the Shaft 6 and the Peripheral, to the height of the Unit Habitacional Vicente Guerrero.

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The head delegation of Iztapalapa, Dione Anguiano, said that at the request of the collective of women, tomorrow will be the first activity mass of healing (meditation) of the uterus.

“It is a guided meditation, we will be sitting in chairs, the fellow with a sound will be leading this meditation and from there we’re going to do this ritual which is for women with problems and without problems, only to assume their role in society and start to clean our body with this meditation that will last about 40, 45 minutes the first and then enter the other partner Russian, it is a shaman who, through their drum is making a guided meditation for women to be able to understand our role in the society,” he said.

In a telephone interview to the program “Shanik in Formula” said the activity will be held tomorrow, Saturday, at 10:00 hours on the Shaft 6 and the Peripheral, to the height of the Unit Habitacional Vicente Guerrero.

“We invite all women, primarily women of the delegation Iztapalapa, to which, through a cleaning process and an activity that we will do collectively, a healing guided of cleaning of the uterus, we’re going to be able to women to recognize ourselves in our being, to recognize our feminine energy,” he said.

Also, he said, will inaugurate 29 mandalas, symbols, and drawings that have to do with the feminine energy in buildings the drive to Vicente Guerrero.

“We are going to inaugurate these murals were groups of young people here in the Iztapalapa delegation, and that along this corridor are specified how to go about acquiring this feminine energy of the women in this patriarchal system, where there is a lot of violence to women, we want to begin these activities, in addition to that of a co-ordinated way we are working with them to prevent violence against women,” she said.

The delegate Dione Anguiano Mentioned that they expect the attendance of more than two thousand women.



Héctor Felipe presents “School for parents” – Daily Eye

Eye on Family. The charismatic Hector Felipe, conductor of Radio Happiness together Regina Alcóver, spoke of a very common problem in the society: not to enjoy every moment. All the people are running and do not always know the reason, indicates the communicator, motivational Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). And that’s because all the people always think what they will do after and that is negative.

How to clear your mind? The coach points out that to ward off the negative attitude of life it is necessary to perform a reset. In addition, your council’s vital is to get up 10 to 15 minutes early to relax and take time for each activity, why it is necessary to lie down an hour before.

Héctor Felipe will be next to the motivational speaker Adriana Macias in the “School for parents” this September 21 at the Centro de Convenciones Maria Angola, at 7 p. m. Tickets are on sale from Teleticket.



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