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Sometimes an everyday item can have an extraordinary purpose.

Tom Genovese of Suffield learned this last October when his grand-nephew, Jordyn Remmey, hurt himself. The 5-year-old child was making his way to the top of a bunk bed to awaken his big brother. “He climbed up the ladder, lost his balance and got caught in the ladder. When he came down, he lacerated his spleen,” explains Genovese, noting Jordyn’s intense pain and discomfort.

Genovese bought the Manchester boy an inexpensive present — a simple $8 harmonica — meant to entertain Jordyn during his five-night stay at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. Little did Genovese know his purchase would catch the eye of medical professionals.

“In pediatrics, we always find different ways to help promote breathing exercises with kids,” says Cliff Gerich, manager of respiratory care at the medical center. “In the past, we’ve used bubbles. They’re easy, they’re cheap, they’re accessible. We’d never thought about using a harmonica.”

Like many patients on bed rest, Jordyn was using a spirometer, a medical instrument patients blow into several times a day to keep their lungs clear. Patients must work their lungs to avoid fluid buildup that can lead to infections like pneumonia. Therapists want them to exhale and inhale in a purposeful way to strengthen the lungs and clear secretions. “We’re always looking for alternative therapies like [the harmonica] and thinking outside of the box,” says Gerich. He believes this approach can help children with all sorts of respiratory issues, including asthma and cystic fibrosis.

Genovese saw first hand the positive effect the harmonica had on Jordyn. “When it was first given to him, he could barely get a note blowing and he couldn’t get anything drawing,” he says. “To hear him today, it’s cool. He’s really come a long way.”

Genovese launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to donate the small instruments to CCMC. So far, he’s collected more than $1,000. He’s still accepting donations through the web site, gofundme.com/harmonica-clear-lung-project.

Gerich and other experts at the medical center enjoy involving families in finding creative solutions to common problems. “This is a big change,” he says. “It’s good.”

Genovese, a former band member who plays accordion, piano, organ, guitar, and, yes, the harmonica, loves that kids can receive a health benefit while making music, which is always good for the soul.

For his part, Jordyn, a big fan of ice cream and cartoons, is glad he’s healing, and that he’s no longer frightened by his aching belly.

And helping others? That’s cool, too. “I like kids to be better,” says the kindergartner.


Las Armónicas De Ayudar A Los Jóvenes A Los Pacientes Mantener Los Pulmones Despejados – Hartford Courant

A veces a diario un elemento puede tener una extraordinaria propósito.

Tom Genovese de Suffield aprendido este pasado mes de octubre cuando su grand-sobrino, Jordyn Remmey, se lastimó. Los 5 años de edad fue haciendo su camino a la parte superior de una litera para despertar a su hermano mayor. “Él subió la escalera, perdió el equilibrio y quedó atrapado en la escalera. Cuando él vino, él lacerado su bazo”, explica Genovese, señalando Jordyn del intenso dolor y el malestar.

Genovese compró el Manchester niño con un bajo costo de presente simple $8 armónica — para entretener a Jordyn durante sus cinco noches de estancia en Connecticut Children’s Medical Center de Hartford. No Genovese conocer su compra captar la atención de los profesionales médicos.

“En pediatría, siempre encontramos diferentes maneras para ayudar a promover los ejercicios de respiración con los niños”, dice Cliff Gerich, gerente de respiratorio de atención en el centro médico. “En el pasado, hemos utilizado las burbujas. Son fáciles, son económicas, son accesibles. Jamás pensamos en el uso de una armónica.”

Al igual que muchos de los pacientes con reposo en cama, Jordyn fue el uso de un espirómetro, un instrumento médico de los pacientes sopla varias veces al día para mantener a sus pulmones claro. Los pacientes deben trabajar sus pulmones para evitar la acumulación de líquidos que puede conducir a infecciones como la neumonía. Los terapeutas quieren para exhalar e inhalar a propósito de fortalecer los pulmones y eliminar secreciones. “Siempre estamos buscando terapias alternativas como [armónica] y pensar fuera de la caja”, dice Gerich. Él cree que este enfoque puede ayudar a los niños con todo tipo de problemas respiratorios, como el asma y la fibrosis quística.

Genovese visto de primera mano el efecto positivo de la armónica había en Jordyn. “Cuando primero fue dado a él, que apenas podía obtener una nota de soplar, y él no podía conseguir nada de dibujo,” él dice. “A él oíd hoy en día, es genial. Él realmente recorrido un largo camino.”

Genovese lanzó una campaña en GoFundMe para recaudar dinero para donarlo a los pequeños instrumentos a CCMC. Hasta el momento, ha recaudado más de $1,000. Aún aceptando donaciones a través del sitio web, gofundme.com/harmonica-clear-lung-project.

Gerich y otros expertos en el centro médico disfrutar de involucrar a las familias en la búsqueda de soluciones creativas a problemas comunes. “Este es un cambio muy grande,” él dice. “Es bueno.”

Genovese, un ex miembro de la banda que toca el acordeón, el piano, el órgano, la guitarra, y, sí, la armónica, le encanta que los niños pueden recibir un beneficio para la salud, mientras que haciendo música, que siempre es bueno para el alma.

Por su parte, Jordyn, un gran fan de los helados y los dibujos animados, se alegra de que él los sane, y que él ya no esté asustado por su dolor de vientre.

Y ayudar a los demás? Eso es genial, también. “Me gusta los niños a estar mejor”, dice el hijo.


Monarchs Relax Before Finals With SAC – ODU Mace & Crown

SaiJai Miller | Contributing Writer

The Spring Semester is coming to a close, and for Monarchs this means studying for finals, preparing for graduation and completing homework assignments.

The end of the semester can feel overwhelming with all the work that needs to be finished up. Those who are graduating are preparing for the next phase in life and searching for employment or an internship over the summer, while other students are just preparing for the next semester. The Student Activities Council provided Monarchs with an opportunity to relax and de-stress by hosting “Rest. Relax. Recuperate.” held April 13 in the North Café of Webb Center.

Students were able to create tie-dye T-shirts, oil rollers, sugar scrubs and sand art, while releasing tension using massage chairs. Hourly yoga sessions were also held from 7 to 9 p.m. Relaxing music was played throughout the event to set the mood and create an air of tranquility. Healthy foods were also provided, including bean dip and tortilla chips, fruit and juice.

“The event improves mood, releases headaches, anxiety and offers stress relief. Being able to get the jitters away before exams because we’re all stressed out,” SAC’s Special Events Director Latesia McDaniels said.

McDaniels said that there could be similar events on campus in the future.

Entertainment Avenue of Maryland and Lighting Events were outside affiliates brought to campus to lead the various activities. One of the most popular activities at the event was the spa area where students could create jars of sugar scrubs and oil rollers.

“Oil rollers are similar to perfume rollers, except that essential oils are used. There are positive psychological impacts which have found that may assist with recall information. These items are portable and may help during exams,” Lighting Event’s Tamara Gaspar said.

Many noticed that more female students attended the event compared to their male counterparts. One of the few male students to attend the event was third-year Ph.D student, Sandeep Dumbali.

“I was working in my lab and my girlfriend dragged me, but it’s nice. It is something new for me. I feel it’s very relaxing. It’s frustrating when you’re at work and I get tired. It’s a mind changer,” Dumbali said.

Although his girlfriend encouraged him to attend, Dumbali enjoyed the event and expressed that he was glad that he attended. The event offered a change of scenery, a break in the usual schedule and offered an opportunity for students to recoup from the semester before finals.

The relaxed environment allowed students to take a moment out their hectic studying schedules to socialize, relax and recoup.


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